New Crestwood Attendance Reporting Procedure

Absence Reporting

Alert: There is a New Phone Number, Web Address, Phone App for Reporting Absences.

You will need to create a NEW account to report your children’s absences online.  

Please visit  or if you use the mobile app, please search for SchoolMessenger (one word) on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.                                                                                                  

Once you have re-registered your child, you once again will be able to inform the school of your child’s upcoming absences at:    or   1-844-434-8119   or the SchoolMessenger mobile app on your cell phone or tablet.

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Current Events

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Red Schedule   White Schedule
Time Activity   Time Activity
8:05-8:25 Students report to classrooms upon arrival   8:05-8:25 Students report to classrooms upon arrival
8:25-11:05 Class (10 min. break during this time, will vary by class)   8:25-11:50 Class (10 min. break during this time, will vary by class)
11:05-11:45 Lunch   11:50-12:30 Lunch
11:45-2:25 Class (10 min. break during this time, will vary by class)   12:30-2:25 Class (10 min. break during this time, will vary by class)
2:25-2:35 Staggered Exit   2:25-2:35 Staggered Exit


Week 1 Red Schedule Teachers Week 1 White Schedule Teachers
Ms. Blair Ms. Bates
Mr. Brooks Mr. Bird
Mr. Chambers Mr. Burns
Ms. Clarke Ms. Campbell
Mr. Earl Ms. Crockower
Ms. Fox Ms. Massey
Mr. Holme Ms. Mohindra
Mr. Jenkins Ms. Moore
Mr. Leeson Ms. O'Connell
Ms. Martin Ms. Orr
Mr. Peers Mr. Ross
Ms. Pineau Ms. Scheller
Ms. Rutherford Mr. Scott
Mr. Simmons Mr. Stringer
Mr. Vining Ms. Symons
Mr. Wiggins  


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2021-08-03 20:55:30

Back to School Update: Provincial Announcement

August 3, 2021 To All KPR Families, Happy Summer! I hope you are feeling rejuvenated by the sunshine. It has been wonderful to get outside ...

...



2021-08-09 18:15:36

Virtual Learning Portal Now Open

August 9, 2021 To All KPR Families, This update focuses on two important matters: the opportunity for families interested in online ...

...



2021-08-17 21:45:54

New COVID safety requirements for staff

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 To All KPR Families, As you may have heard, the provincial government today made an important announcement about ...

...



2021-08-19 18:58:10

KPR 2021-22 Return to School Plan

Thursday, August 19, 2021 To All KPR Families, It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the end of summer! With thoughts of the return to ...

...



2021-09-03 21:01:58

Welcome to A New School Year!

Friday, September 3, 2021 To All KPR Families, We’re almost there! School starts this Tuesday, September 7. We are excited to be able to ...

...



2021-09-10 19:07:36

It's Great to Be Back!

Friday, September 10, 2021 To All KPR Families, It is wonderful to be reunited with students and staff, as we share in the excitement of a ...

...



2021-09-24 21:13:42

September 24 Update for Families

Friday, September 24, 2021 To All KPR Families, In my travels to schools across KPR during the first three weeks of classes, I have been ...

...


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